Determining The Selection Of Departments At Abdi Negara Vocational School Using The Additive Ratio Assessment (Aras) Method


  • Putri Lishayani STMIK Kaputama
  • Relita Buaton STMIK KAPUTAMA
  • Tio Ria Pasaribu STMIK KAPUTAMA



Decision support system, Department, ARAS.


Along with the occurrence of competition and the development of technology and information in the current era of globalization requires skilled and ready-to-use human resources in the world of work. The efforts made are to improve the quality of education in Indonesia which always receives attention from various parties. One way to improve education is to determine the right majors at Vocational High Schools (SMK). The differences in each student with a different background must be considered because they can determine whether student achievement is good or bad. In ddition, the decision also greatly influences the alternative process chosen, especially in choosing the concentration of majors that are in accordance with the skills and expertise of students. Based on the author's observations at ABDI NEGARA VOCATIONAL SCHOOL through data collection both by conducting interviews and through available documents, the reasons students choose majors are usually based on student parents' references, besides that due to trend reasons (most students take that major). Therefore, through research using Decision Support Systems, it is hoped that it can provide recommendations to find out which majors to choose according to the interests or abilities of each student. So that there are no problems regarding failure or dropping out of school (drop out).


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Lishayani, P., Buaton, R., & Pasaribu, T. R. (2023). Determining The Selection Of Departments At Abdi Negara Vocational School Using The Additive Ratio Assessment (Aras) Method. Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Applications (JAIEA), 3(1), 31–37.