IoT-based Hydroponic Plant Monitoring System


  • Fadillah Fadillah STMIK Kaputama
  • Relita Buaton STMIK KAPUTAMA
  • Suci Ramadani STMIK KAPUTAMA



Hydroponic, ESP32, TDS sensor, DHT11 sensor, HC-SR04 sensor


The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has an impact in the form of changes in various fields of human civilization, one of which is the agricultural sector. By applying IoT technology, hydroponic plants will effectively be accurate. IoT has room for improvement in the quality and quantity of agricultural production because it facilitates the automation of monitoring various processes with high precision This research uses the prototype method. Which uses the concept of direct monitoring and allows iterative changes to be made until the desired results are achieved. So this prototype method makes it possible to display the display directly. The microcontroller used is ESP32 which is connected to 3 sensors, namely the TDS sensor, DHT11 sensor and HC-SR04 sensor which are directly updated in the blynk application. In making the software program used is the Arduino IDE. Implementation of the tool is carried out on a floating raft installation. This iot-based hydroponic plant monitoring system has been successfully made and is able to monitor well. Because the system made is related to water, it is necessary to design a tool that is safer and has more protection so that it can’t only run well but also safer for users and a high level of durability.



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