Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases in Animals Cat Using Bayes Theorem Method


  • Salsabila Khairunisa STMIK KAPUTAMA
  • Yani Maulita STMIK KAPUTAMA
  • Magdalena Simanjuntak STMIK KAPUTAMA




Cats, Parasites, Expert Systems, Bayes Theorem.


Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, including Indonesian people who like to keep cats as pets, and even become a hobby for cat lovers. Diseases that often attack cats are caused by parasites, namely worms and fleas. Parasites that attack cats are grouped into two, namely ectoparasites and endoparasites. expert system which is a computer program , which is able to store knowledge and rules like an expert . With the help of an expert system, someone who is lay or not an expert in a particular field will be able to answer questions, solve problems, and make decisions that are usually made by an expert . The Bayes Theorem method can be applied to diagnose parasitic diseases in cats based on input symptoms chosen by the users, the system can perform analysis based on predetermined rules or knowledge base. Based on the probability value of each symptom and disease that has been made, the system can diagnose parasitic diseases in cats with different accuracy results, the highest value or percentage which is the result of the diagnosis of the parasitic disease. From the results of trials conducted by the expert system for diagnosing parasitic diseases in cats using the Bayes Theorem method, the highest value was obtained, namely the type of parasitic disease Flea Disease (P03) with a percentage of 38.66%.


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