Web-Based Expert System for Early Diagnosis of Skin Diseases in Cats Using the Naïve Bayes Method


  • Ririn Pratiwi STMIK KAPUTAMA




System_Expert, Naive_Bayes, Disease_Cat, Disease_Skin


This journal discusses the development of a web-based expert system for early diagnosis of skin diseases in cats using the Naïve Bayes method. Skin disease in cats is a health problem that often occurs and requires fast and accurate diagnosis. This expert system is designed to assist cat owners and veterinarians in identifying potential causes of skin symptoms in cats.

The Naïve Bayes method is used in this system because of its ability to process symptom data and produce predictions based on probability. Symptom data is collected from various sources and used to train a Naïve Bayes model. Next, the system allows users to enter symptoms observed in their cat, and the system will provide an initial diagnosis based on the information provided.

The experimental results show that this expert system is able to provide an initial diagnosis of skin diseases in cats with a sufficient level of accuracy. This provides a great benefit to cat owners in taking early action and further veterinary consultation. Apart from that, this expert system can also be used as a supporting tool for veterinarians in the process of diagnosing skin diseases in cats. Thus, this research provides an important contribution to the development of expert systems in the field of animal health, especially in the early diagnosis of skin diseases in cats.


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