Integrating Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Walkthrough in Usability Evaluation of Mobile Application


  • Rahma Fitria Universitas Malikussaleh



Cognitive walkthrough; Heuristic Evaluation; Human-Computer Interaction; Mobile Evaluation; Usability Testing;


This study aims to present the usability evaluation of mobile applications. The growth of mobile applications has been spread to any type of digital activities, especially for paying bills or ordering things. Unfortunately, the lack of interaction design of the application makes the application not easy to use and learn. This study proposed a combination of two usability evaluation methods which are heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough. Myindihome is an application that will be studied to present this evaluation. Those selected methods is employed to evaluate based on the 10’s Nielsen heuristic principle and the Cognitive of the evaluator during the group determination. The heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough are evaluated by 3 experts or evaluators. The result of the heuristic evaluation revealed 3 major issues and 6 minor issues. Whereas the cognitive walkthrough determination revealed that 1 critical main menu needs to be re-designed. Thus, the interaction design of the application in some parts is not easy to learn and not efficient. It is expected this study can be adopted by mobile developers to produce an ease-of-learn and efficient application.


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