Modifikasi algoritma a* untuk pencarian jalur tercepat dengan multi-skema prioritas, tie breaker dan force straight


  • Randi Farmana Putra Universitas Pertamina



algortima A*, force straight, multi-skema prioritas, tie breaker, time periode


In a robot that moves in 4 directions, the travel time is the accumulated time for moving from one node to another and the rotation time for changing directions. The A* algorithm can be used to determine the shortest distance to a point but cannot get the path with the fastest travel time because of the rotation factor. In this study using a modification of the A* Algorithm by adding the multi-priority scheme method, tie breaker and force straight. Modification of the A* Algorithm with multi-priority schemes produces 4 paths with different travel times then the fastest is selected, then the tie breaker plays the role of determining the parent node based on the actual value (g) and heuristics (h), then force straight when backtracking can minimize the number of turns. The modification of the A* algorithm can be used on a robot that moves in 4 directions to get the path with the fastest travel time


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